Hoppy Pinterest – The Best Easter and Spring Ideas on Pinterest {Video}

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Quick! Grab your phone, your tablet, your mouse and get pinning this holiday with our Hoppy Pinterest campaign throughout the month of April. You’ll find all the best things that Spring and Easter have to  offer, including delicious recipes, Easter activities, the best photo-shoot spots, Spring wreaths, eye-catching Easter decor, and much more!

Here are some of our Favorite Easter Boards:
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Hoppy Pinterest – The Best of Easter Ideas on Pinterest

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Easter’s Table: Dining Rooms, Recipes, Decor, Drinks, and more
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Great Yards for Easter Egg Hunts

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Spring Wreaths and Entryways
Stay updated on everything fabulous happening this Easter on Pinterest! Visit hoppypinterest.com for more info.

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Expert Q&A: Where are the buyers coming from in Dallas-Fort Worth?

Map / Shutterstock

Jeannie Nethery

A: Dallas has great housing values compared with many other parts of the country and our cost of living is incredibly affordable, so we attract new residents from all over the country. The greatest influx I have seen by far is from California and the Northeast, mainly because of corporate relocation or job opportunities. But I have started seeing a lot of parents who are moving to Dallas to be near their children and grandchildren. c: 214.803.3787 | jnethery@briggsfreeman.com
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The Backyard Lab: Outdoor Exploration Makes Happier, Smarter Kids

Photo / Shutterstock/Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty

In an age where most learning is done in front of a screen, it’s easy to forget that a great learning tool lays right off the back porch.

Many recent studies have suggested that playing outdoors actually makes children smarter. Author and professor of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Kay Redfield Jamison writes, “Children need freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.”

Studies show that children who play outside have less anxiety, are less likely to struggle with obesity, are more advanced in their communication and listening skills, have an increased attention span and are more prone to become leaders.

Most importantly, children who play outside have been shown to be more creative and more imaginative than children who only play indoors.
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Sleek, Svelt Highland Park Modern Beauty

3601 Euclid from extraordinary homes on Vimeo.

This architecturally significant home was rebuilt with an award winning design team. A dramatic entry with floating staircase, a gorgeous Poliform kitchen opens to den with walls of glass overlooking sleek pool and a large backyard. Sophisticated design elements throughout have won this home three ARC awards. The master bedroom lies downstairs, opening into beautiful his-&-her baths. Upstairs discover more bedrooms as well as a gameroom connected by a striking glass bridge walkway – another architectural award winner.

Expert Q&A: What is the No. 1 concern of sellers right now?

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Joan Eleazer

Eleazer, Joan headshot

A. My clients are most concerned about where they’re going to live if they sell their home. Considering the low inventory of homes for sale, many people don’t want to put their home on the market if they don’t already have a place lined up. And other concern, potential sellers like to wait out the market – to see if they can get an even better price. But, we live in a great market. It’s always a good time to sell. 214.537.5923 | eleazergroup.com

Amy Detwiler

Amy Detwiler

A: They want to know when to list so they can get the best return on their investment. The answer is that these winter months leading up to the traditionally busy spring market are the time to list your home. Historic statistics show that the supply of homes for sale spikes in the springtime. So listing then would multiply your competition for buyers. Right now, you can focus on relocation buyers – because anyone looking now is serious about buying. 214.536.8680 | amydetwilerdallas.com

Wynne Moore

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Robbie’s Real Estate Trends: Getting Top Dollar for Your Home

 Photo / Shutterstock

What’s that old phrase…five’ll get you 10? When it comes to preparing a home to inspire a profitable sale, there are simple yet effective tactics to consider. 

How a home looks and feels will likely generate more of an emotional response than anything else, including price.

The front door is the entrance to a new life, so make sure to polish the doorknocker, and replace tattered or worn doormats. A cleverly applied, fresh coat of light-colored paint can often shave years off a home’s appearance. Hire a crew to clean, scrub and make bathrooms shine. And by all means let the sunshine in: Remove shades and heavy drapes, and then clean windows until they sparkle.

Outdoors, clear out old shrubs, mow, rake and edge, then add color with seasonal plantings. Curb appeal is always important.

Back indoors, observe the 50 percent rule: clear out half of your belongings to make room for the new owner’s. Rented storage spaces or pods are perfect for storing items to leave areas spotlessly smooth, particularly carpeting.

Remove outdated hardware from kitchen and bathroom cabinets in favor of classic knobs; it can take years off of a room. Fix weak links and invest in last second improvements such as an updated backsplash, adding French doors or replacing outdated carpeting can pay big dividends. Use slimmer felt hangers in closets to create the illusion of larger spaces.

When selling your home, your Realtor should be your most trusted advisor. They’re your real consultants, and if used appropriately can make a critical difference during the buy buying and selling process.

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Expert Realtor Q&A: What’s the buyer trend – bigger home or smaller?

Illustration / Shutterstock

Lucinda Buford

Lucinda Buford
A: Most of the families I work with have growing children and want a bigger home so they can create what I call a “magnet” – something that keeps the kids at home and that makes their friends want to come over. That can be a great playroom, a good yard for outdoor activities, or an apartment over the garage – it changes with each stage. Once you look at everything you need in a home, you tend to need something bigger. c: 214.728.4289 | lbuford@briggsfreeman.com
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Q&A with Dallas Interior Designer and Rising Star, Abbe Fenimore

There’s something magical about Abbe Fenimore. It’s evident from your first glance at the spaces she creates – rooms blooming with vibrant hues, creative twists, and a sophisticated nod to the eclectic. We stumbled across her work several weeks back while enjoying a cappuccino and reading D Magazine. To anyone who knows Fenimore, it will be no surprise to discover that she has won best of D for three consecutive years (2012, 2013 and 2014). Picture damask metallic wallpaper, brilliant peacock-blue ottomans, and coral- and gold-streaked art – her designs exude chic imagination. It’s part Hollywood Regency, part Modern Chic, totally livable comfort. No doubt Fenimore’s eye for color and glam, plus her magic touch at transforming discounted items into eye candy, plays a major role in the success of her non-profit Dwell with Dignity. We are so excited to have had the opportunity to interview Fenimore and get an inside look at what inspires this incredible artist.


1. What’s your favorite aspect of modern interior design?

I love the fresh and approachable look of sleek lines paired with casual and comfortable pieces.


2. Which colors do you tend to use the most?

I  most often find myself gravitating towards jewel tones. Deep turquoise, fuchsia and plum are my favorite colors to work with. I believe that when they are used in the right places, they can create a striking color palette without taking over a room.


3. Favorite materials or textures?

Mirrored pieces are always at the top of my list! They have the ability to open up small spaces and add a bit of chic without being overly girly. For textiles, I consider Mongolian fur and embroidered fabrics two of my favorites. Both add visual interest and bring versatility to multiple furniture and accessory pieces.


4. What is your favorite interior design-related word?

Aesthetic! It’s fun to say and describes the philosophy of design succinctly.


5. What does your home look like?

I define my home’s style as rustic chic. After six years of marriage, my husband’s and my styles have blended and our home showcases the best of what we both love. My husband is partial to rustic and casual, and I’m more into the sophisticated and chic. We’ve achieved our own unique aesthetic by combining his rustic elements, like antlers and natural stones, with my bright colors and patterns, interesting accessories and bold graphic prints.


6. What inspires you when you’re faced with a creativity block?

Stepping away from work and throwing myself into the things I love to do with family and friends is my go-to for finding inspiration. I have realized that just taking the time to do the things that I enjoy is key for keeping me balanced.


7. Favorite designer or architect?

I love Ron Woodson and Jamie Rummerfield of Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design.


8. Which design blog, website, TV show, or magazine would you be lost without?

I have too many favorites to narrow it down to just one! You can always find stacks of my favorite magazines throughout my home and office, which I love diving into when I have free time. And digitally, I peruse my favorites via the Feedly app frequently.


9. What is forbidden from your designs?

Believe it or not, I really don’t have a forbidden design element. I know my aesthetic and appreciate the fact that my clients come to me because they were inspired by the spaces that I have created in the past. My clients ultimately dictate any forbidden elements in their design. There will always be a component of design that I do not want to incorporate in a client’s home, and vice versa, but compromise is key. And I have found that some of my most favorite spaces were the result of compromise!


10. Is there a design rule you love to break?

I am quite fortunate to have clients that don’t care too much about design rules, which allows me many opportunities to mix things up. For instance, I love to mix metals. I think the right combination of brass, gold leaf, and polished nickel can really warm up a room and create a fun mix, all without going overboard.


11. Where’s your favorite spot in Dallas?

Hands down, the Dallas Design District! It’s my go-to, one-stop-shopping area. Because showrooms, vintage stores and retail shops are all right there, it’s beyond easy to make the best use of time when shopping. Now if I could just convince a few of my favorite stores around town to move there, too!


12. Which popular design trend do you detest?

That’s a hard one, as I don’t really detest any one trend! As with all trends, they should be utilized in small doses. In small doses, they’re much easier to phase out of the home when you tire of it and are ready to move onto something new.


13. Any new trends on the horizon in modern interior design?

Recently, I have been seeing quite a bit of lacquered furniture, bold accessories made from agates and minerals, and fabrics in over-the-top graphic patterns. I love all of these trends and think they work well within any modern home.

Find out more about Abbe Fenimore on her website or follow her on FacebookPinterestTwitter, or Instagram.




Great Tips for a Green Home

Photos / Shutterstock and Dallas Voice

Just because one of the greenest days of the year has passed us by, there’s no reason we can’t keep thinking green.

Jenni Stolarski in Dallas Voice

In fact, Jenni Stolarski of Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty recently offered her advice on going green for an article in Dallas Voice. Here’s an excerpt:

For home sellers, Realtor Jenni Stolarski with Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty recommends “greening up their home to put it on the market, without spending money that won’t pay them back.” She suggests cleaning HVAC system and filters, as it not only improves functionality, but can save the seller money. When it comes to lighting options, Stolarski points out that switching to CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs can also be a money and energy saver as they use one-fifth to one-third the electric power, and last eight to 15 times longer than incandescent lamps.

For homebuyers, Stolarski says start with an insulation check. “If the home doesn’t have the proper amount of insulation, it’s fairly cost efficient to add.” She also recommends switching the most-used water fixtures to low-flow options, starting with commodes and sink faucets.

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Expert Realtors Bring Sellers Top Dollar

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It seems simple – homeowners pay to list the house on web sites, put a sign in their yard and get ready to show a lot of strangers their house. With so much demand today, surely the house would sell quickly.

Too often, the house sells but for thousands of dollars less than it might have if a professional Realtor, knowing the neighborhood, had priced the house correctly. Or maybe worse, the house does not sell because it is priced too high. Without expert advice, the house could also show poorly.

An agent’s most important job is to expertly guide a seller in what is, most often, their biggest financial transaction. They know the market, the comparable sales and the trends and are committed to advising sellers how to get top dollar for their primary investment.

In the emotional business of buying or selling a home, a professional Realtor also acts as a buffer between the buyer and seller.

In this fast-paced market it’s important to work with a professional who buys and sells houses every day, handles the showings, answers questions, deals with appraisers, title companies and mortgage companies and provides their experience to make the sale go smoothly.

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